King of the Classroom

Posted by Menna Nounou on

Honestly, This is a personal favorite 😍🙈 My youngest he needed a push as you can imagine, he is so tiny (to me) and he was too shy to make friends last year,, he would hide behind his mask and giggle whenever he was approached by an adult around school… We needed a reassuring book, yet to say that the king of the classroom is reassuring would definitely be an understatement,,,

I loved every single page of it, how it gave them confidence that they can handle this, how it pointed out that making friends require some bravery and how all the right descriptive words were used!

Also, something that I am hoping is helping: we are trying to mention things we love about ourselves on our way to school (on good days😅) and we think of a new challenge every couple of days something like:
• talk to a new classmate today
• memorize the name of a new classmate today

Simple things, hopefully go a long way!


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